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At NalTech we value all the feedback we receive from our customers both positive and negative so that we can improve. We are pleased to say that the vast majority is always very positive.
The below testimonials are just a few selections of the many emails we have received. Should you wish to share your feedback with us please do so by sending us an email at feedback@naltech.ca.

  • "I am happy to recommend NalTech to anyone I know as I believe in their service 100%. Overall, as a result of using NalTech’s service, I have saved both time and money and most importantly, a lot of aggravation."
  • "At last I have found a computer engineer who knows what they are doing and talks like a real human being. They also work extremely quickly, are flexible and efficient and unlike some other companies I've used, they actually left my computer better than the way they found it."
  • "I would like to express my appreciation of the prompt and efficient service I received from you and your staff when my computer was completely down. You carefully ascertained from me what the problem was and you explained to me clearly what needed to be done and also informed me of your very clear charging structure. After the work was completed satisfactorily by your staff you followed it up with a phone call to check the customer was satisfied. Hence, I felt every aspect of your service was quite excellent. Good luck with continued success."
  • "I had been having problems with my computer for months and had taken it on several occasions to a local computer repair shop. After installing a new fan, battery and more memory, it was still playing up and the next stage was going to be a much bigger job and if that didn't work, then a new computer. I got in touch with someone at NalTech and they made a house call and after an hour everything was working great again. They even fixed the fan which they noticed had been put on back to front by the "experts" at the computer shop! I haven't had any problems ever since and wouldn't hesitate in calling on them again and recommending them to anyone who has any computer problems."
  • "Since we started using NalTech's services we are saving about 48% on our previous IT support costs and on top of that they have found other areas where we have been able to save many hundreds of pounds every month. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to any business"
  • "Without NalTech`s help, my business would not be the smoothly run and growing operation that it is and I would wholeheartedly recommend them to any business that requires top class IT support. They have unquestionably raised the bar for IT service levels to small businesses."
  • "We have had to call NalTech for help on a number of occasions and they have invariably been efficient, knowledgeable and genuinely friendly. I'm not exaggerating when I say 'nothing is too much trouble'. On top of all this, I am delighted that the service is very affordable and we are not only saving money over our previous support contract but getting a better service too!"
  • "All I have to do is pick up the phone and the problem is sorted. I particularly like the weekly computer health check and that on nearly all occasions the problem can be fixed remotely. I happily recommend them to people I know and they were equally happy with the service."
  • "We have always enjoyed an excellent quality of service from NalTech the needs of my business are always of paramount importance to them; they take time to understand what I am trying to achieve and are always helpful and responsive"
  • "After only a couple of hours, you had sorted all the issues out, leaving me with a laptop that I could actually use efficiently again. Not only was your technical knowledge excellent and your work very thorough, but I must comment on what a pleasurable experience it was dealing with you. Having recommended you to my company was a great decision. Finally, I would just like to say how pleasing it is to see a company that does actually exceed expectations."
  • "I only have a very basic understanding of computers but they are absolutely essential to my business which is about providing very responsive services to my clients. So, it is important that I use a computer service company that takes all my technical headaches away. I chose NalTech and I have been very impressed with their commitment and high level of service. They respond very quickly to my requests for assistance. I generally receive a phone call within a matter of minutes of sending a message to them and the problem is generally resolved soon after. No matter what, I know I can look forward to a long and happy future with any business I am involved in because of the peace of mind NalTech offered."
  • "The clear expert advice and support we receive has definitely increased our earning potential greatly. I would wholeheartedly recommend NalTech to anyone who wishes to harness the powers of IT for profit and improve their business prospects."
  • "I never thought I would say this about a computer services company so I feel compelled to write about how delighted I am to have finally found a company that provides me with technical help and support on all manner of computer problems, whenever I need it, in plain English! And if I cannot then fix things following simple instructions, you take remote control of my computer and fix it anyway. Happy Days! I am happy with your costs and delighted with your service and I commend you to any frustrated computer user who is lucky enough to read this testimonial."
  • "I owe many thanks to NalTech for the way they have supported my business with 'computer wizardry'. On at least 3 occasions in the last 6 months, we have had I.T. problems. In the past this sort of thing has cost us dearly we have lost upwards of 3 weeks of data inventory. What a mess! Those days are far behind us now, thanks to NalTech. All the people I have referred them on to have thanked me unreservedly."
  • "Working with NalTech has marked a significant turning point in my business. Essentially, what I have gained from my relationship with them is total peace of mind and assurance that I have a constant and consistent IT support in place for an unbelievably reasonable fee. They never just meet your expectations they way out-perform them."
  • "I was getting ready to get my PC cleaned which is something I do two or three times a year when I saw an ad that at NalTech they will clean my PC remotely. This was done faster than expected and without taking my PC anywhere. I now have my PC cleaned and operational and in better condition that I originally thought was possible".
  • "We hired NalTech to have three computers set up, and then connect and set up our security cameras to those three computers, as well as setting up and configuring a router. They had no problem working around my availability and they were fast and very affordable. They agreed to provide me with support for whenever I have any computer issues again at a very affordable price. I know I will be hiring them again, and especially recommending them to everyone I know."