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At NalTech we specialise in providing high quality, cost effective IT support to small businesses and home users.
Whether you have a one-off IT support issue or you require on-going computer maintenance, we can help.
Our fully managed IT support service even helps prevent problems before they occur, saving you time and money. Our advanced remote IT support technology enables us to potentially resolve your computer problems within minutes or we can provide face to face help and advice.
Using NalTech is like having your own dedicated IT support department ready to help at any time, but without the usual associated high costs.
Listed below are our main services, click on the one that interests you to find out more or simply scroll down to read about each one in turn. If you require a specific service that is not listed below,do not be alramed we can still help you. Simply send us an email outlining your requirements in more details.
Troubleshooting & Repairs
You may want or need a home visit… no problem, we can arrange to come to you, often within hours of your call.
We will troubleshoot and repair any of your hardware currently not working properly, and provide replacements if necessary. We can also reconfigure any software that appears to be “misbehaving”.
We have a no fix, no fee policy so if we cannot resolve your problem you do not pay a penny, and for home users we never charge for more than 4 hours work so there is a cap on what you pay.
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Have you noticed your computer getting slower and slower? The internet seems to take forever? Applications take an age to load? having problems paying the latest games or running the latest software ? Or perhaps you are simply running out of disk space?
We can breathe new life into your PC by upgrading some of its key components. We can expand its capabilities by upgrading the hardware, add additional features or increase your efficiency and productivity.
Even if your system is fairly new, you may need a few enhancements to accommodate your growing collection of digital photos, movies, files, or video games.
We will come to your home or place of business and advise you what improvements can be made to your computer system(s).
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Software Installation & Set-up
If you need help installing or configuring your new software, we can help.
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Dedicated Support Days
Many small businesses do not have dedicated in house computer support. Why should they? It simply does not make financial sense for a small business. That is where we come in. We can offer regular support days where one of our professional engineers carries out an agreed number of tasks from uploading the latest drivers to relocating equipment for you. You can book an engineer once a week, once a month or whatever frequency suits you. We can even do much of this work remotely which saves us time and you money!
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New PC Set-up
Just bought yourself a shiny new PC and you do not know where to start? Do not worry, contact us now or click here to request a service call and we will set everything up for you and give you a personal guided tour.
Hardware Recommendation & Supply
We are able to provide you with anything from a cable to an entire office infrastructure. And we are totally independent so we will not push a particular manufacturers equipment; we will always recommend the right equipment for the job.
Even better, we can supply it, set it up and show you how to use it effectively; a far cry from some of the “box shifting” retailers.
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Preventative Maintenance
You would not drive a car for years without having it serviced, so why ignore your computer?
Like any investment, your computer needs constant care which means keeping it well maintained. When was the last time your computer had a thorough check-up and clean?

If it has been more than 6 months, it is time to schedule a Preventative Maintenance visit.
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Your network is vital to your business, we can resolve any immediate issues you have and advise on everything from traditional networks to the implementation of a wireless network.
We can supply and setup "off the shelf" and bespoke server systems and workstations to suit your individual requirements. Whether wired or wireless access is required we will give you all the options. We will ensure your data is safe and secure and train you and your staff in networking best practice. A visit to your premises is all that is needed so we can listen to your needs and create a quotation to suit your budget. There is no charge for the initial consultation.
If you have two or more PCs in your home, have you considered networking them?
A network allows your computers to share files, a printer, and an internet connection. Even better, a wireless network is the cutting-edge way to connect all of the computers in your home.
Wireless networks are perfect for people who want to connect laptop and desktop computers, or for people who want internet access from anywhere in the house or garden. All the family can have their own internet access separately so there will be no more arguments over whose turn it is to use the PC.
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Internet Firewall Protection
As internet usage has grown, so have security threats, and the problems and risks are getting worse. For example, did you know that viruses cost businesses $13 billion in 2001, $20-$30 billion in 2002, and $55 billion in 2003. (Source: Trend Micro report 2004).
To ensure your company's private data remains private, our professional engineers can install and configure firewalls and other appropriate security devices. Don't let your files fall prey to internet intruders- protect your business… with help from us.
How secure is your computer? Have you downloaded the latest patches and updates for Windows and MS Office?
One way to protect yourself is to install a firewall, which keeps intruders from sneaking into your computer and accessing your private data.
Firewalls can prevent Spyware programs from transmitting your sensitive information over the internet. In particular, firewalls are crucial if you have the always-on internet connection.
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Virus Detection, Removal and Protection
Does it seem like there is a gremlin inside your computer? Programs behaving erratically? PC rebooting on its own? Strange windows popping up? It could be a virus.
Did You Know? A test by a specialist software security company during a recent software virus outbreak revealed that an unprotected PC was infected within 27 seconds of being connected to the Internet!
No matter what kind of PC you have, you need the latest antivirus software and you need it to be updated regularly.
Not only do antivirus programs protect your computer from damage, but they also prevent you from accidentally passing viruses to family and friends when you send emails or share files.
If you are unsure about which virus software to install or how to configure it, just ask us. We offer virus removal, protection and internet security tools for your PC.
If you are concerned about your PCs security, we can advise and install the necessary virus protection and security tools to protect you.
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Spyware Detection, Removal and Protection
Has your computer ever become so slow that you can fix yourself a snack in the time it takes your computer to boot-up or shut down? Do you keep getting all those annoying pop ups on your computer? Or maybe you are getting page redirections, security warnings, or random programs installs on your computer? Or maybe your internet is not even working? Are you annoyed about how long it takes for your word processing program or any other program to open?
If you answered yes to any of the above questions than perhaps spyware is to blame. Spyware is a type of malware that is installed on computers and that collects information about users without their knowledge.
Our team is trained to provide the most in depth removal, protection and prevention against spyware.
To learn more about spyware and other malicious software and what it can do to your system, and what our team of dedicated professionals can do to help make sure you protected against it, than please download our spyware document below (by clicking on it), or click here to request a call back.
Data Backup & Recovery
How much valuable data have do you have stored on your machine and when did you last back up? From family photos to MP3 music files to important documents imagine right now that your computer suddenly crashed and everything on your hard drive was lost forever! It is not a matter of if your computer will crash but when.
If you are running a business and you have not backed up your data then the issues are potentially much more serious. A system crash could stop you trading for hours, days or even weeks, and you could even be breaking data protection laws by not keeping your data safe and secure.
Did you know?
• 34% of companies fail to test their backups, and of those that do, 77% have found back-up failures (Source: Home Office Computing Magazine)
• 93% of companies that lost their data centre for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. (Source: National Archives & Records Administration)
It is worth noting that ALL disk drives fail, regardless of brand or type. We can show you how to back up or if you do not have any backup devices we can supply and fit cost effective and tailor made backing up solutions for the home or business to suit your needs, ranging from basic CD/DVD rewriters to high capacity external hard drives with fully automated scheduled backing up software.
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Independent Consultancy & Advice
Need advice about upgrading or solutions for your home or small business?
We provide advice and consulting to suit your individual needs. Has your system grown unwieldy? We can perform hardware, software and network audits so you know exactly what you have before you decide to invest or upgrade.
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Web Site Design
Whether you require a major site design incorporating features such content management and online transactions or just a couple of static pages that perhaps you have designed yourself, we can help. We have both internal expertise and approved partners that we work with to guarantee the result you are looking for.
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