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Why Take Out A BusinessCARE Contract?
BusinessCARE provides you with a highly effective computer maintenance and support service for a low fixed monthly price, so you know exactly what your IT budget will be, with no surprises.
Our proactive approach to maintaining your computer systems, even when they appear to be operating perfectly, is unique and means that the number and severity of problems you will encounter is massively reduced compared to the usual break and fix approach. We prevent things from going wrong in the first place, yet we are able to respond quickly when they do, saving you time and money!
What Are The Key BusinessCARE Benefits?
Real Cash Savings
By reducing faults, maintaining system efficiency and providing you with advice on best use, we can help you save money every year.
A fully managed service which offers the quality, reliability and trust of your own in-house IT department but at a fraction of the cost.  
You and your staff can again focus on making your business a success rather than worrying about the technology.
Leave the operation of your computer systems to the experts to ensure they run well. Do not worry any more about breakdowns, viruses,   Spyware or other risks. Your systems are proactively monitored to prevent problems.
Regular housekeeping and servicing massively reduces the deterioration of your computers which slowly robs the business of time and   efficiency, reduces system crashes which lead to costly repairs and significant loss of productivity, and prolongs the life of your computers.
Keeping your anti-virus and anti-Spyware software fully up to date and systems regularly checked and security-patched ensures your data   remains safe and secure.
You Have Immediate Access To IT Professionals When You Need Them
Should your IT not work as you would expect, if a staff member wants to know how to carry out a computer task or you want to know whether you are doing something the most effective way, whether simple or otherwise, just ask. An IT professional will be available immediately to provide real IT support on the phone, using remote control technology to see what you can see and securely take over your computer screen to help you, if you wish.
What Exactly Does BusinessCARE Give You?
1. Unlimited Telephone Support
     You and your staff have direct access to our friendly local technical experts via our telephone helpline or our online support service.
2. Unlimited Remote Support Service
Within minutes or even seconds of your call our technicians can view and operate any of your computers or servers from our control
centre, saving you time and money. It is totally secure and means that we can fix most of your computer problems instantly without you
having to wait for a technician to visit.
3. On-Site Visits
In the unlikely event we can’t fix your system remotely we will arrange for one of our locally based engineers to attend your site at your
4. Proactive Maintenance
Our BusinessCARE system will run regular housekeeping tasks and activities on your computers to ensure they are always in tip-top
condition. We’ll defragment the disk, check it for errors, remove temporary files and give your computer a general spring clean each and
every month. This will help to ensure your computers continue to run as smoothly as the day they were bought
5. 24/7 Monitoring
Our sophisticated systems constantly monitor your computers for early signs of trouble. Often we find faults and fix them even before you’re
aware that anything is wrong, preventing costly interruption to daily activities.
6. System Updates
We will make sure your system software has the latest software patches installed, keeping your system more secure and efficient.
7. Security Maintenance
We make sure that your anti-virus software and Spyware protection is kept up to date, ensuring they will keep your computer secure and
free from danger. One of the major causes of virus attacks is installed but poorly maintained anti-virus software.
8. Help And Advice
We are not just here to keep your computer systems running smoothly. We know lots about computers and how to use them to the full
advantage, and we’re happy to share this knowledge with our clients. We will be delighted to offer you as much advice and guidance as
you need on getting the most from technology to either drive your business forward or to have an easier life, or both, depending on your
9. Fully Managed Backup System (optional)
We can provide a range of high security, fast restore back-up solutions including a fully managed back-up service for total peace of mind.
Which Is The Right BusinessCARE Contract For You?
To select the best Service Contract for you simply download the BusinessCARE document below (by clicking on it) and view the table to see which one best fits your requirements.
If you have any problems opening the document or have any questions about it then simply contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements and recommend the most appropriate solution.