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You may want or need a home visit… no problem, we can arrange to come to you, often within hours of your call.
We GUARANTEE the quality of our work because we do not simply pass your call onto a third party as we apply these stages:
We identify the root cause of your problem, offering free assessments.
We determine the best possible course of action to resolving your problem.
We implement the necessary steps to fix your problem.
We than test your computer to make sure the problem is resolved.
We than advise you what the issue was, how we resolved it, and how you can fix the issue if it ever occurs again (depending on the problem for more advanced issue we recommend only having our expert IT technicians implement the changes required to fix the issue).
Upon request we will create and provide you with extensive documentation.
We guarantee our services, if we cannot fix it you do not pay for it and we never charge for more than 4 hours work on a single problem so there is a cap on what you pay.
To arrange a visit, complete the Service Request Form.
If the information on your computer(s) is really important to you and you want to know it is being constantly looked after, then you may want to consider our low cost HomeCARE service.
We are one of the first computer support companies to offer quality computer service contracts for home users at a price that everyone can afford. To find out more click here
What We Will Do For You
We can offer you total computer support, removing all your worries and concerns about your computers and anything that communicates with, runs on, or connects to them. But our most popular individual computer support services are:
  • Troubleshooting and Repairs
  • Virus Detection, Removal and Protection
  • Preventative Maintenance to stop things going wrong in the first place
  • Data Recovery and Backup
  • Hardware recommendation and supply - anything from a basic computer to an entire home IT system
  • Gaming system(s) Network setup
  • New PC Set-up
  • Software Installation and Set-up
  • Upgrades
  • General Help and Advice
For more details please see our Services page.

Your Peace Of Mind Is Just One Step Away
Contact us now to book a service call or to discuss your computer support requirements in more detail.